British Association of Social Workers 1 – Children’s Workforce Development Council 0

I don’t often care to post about the industry I work in (Children’s Social Care) mainly because I am so disillusioned and jaded by the monkeys at the top anything I write will almost certainly end up as a rant however on this occasion I cannot resist.

Following the publication of the first annual report from the Social Work Reform Board, quite properly, connected agencies have gone to press with their take on it. The following quotes illustrate something about why I look upon some of these bodies with a fair degree of contempt…

The following is from the Children’s Workforce Development Council which is (though not for much longer) one of those much maligned quangos that suck up tax payers money and justify their own existence by publishing reams and reams of guidance, practice notes and so on about much that those on the front line know already but who are frustrated by the blocks preventing good practice becoming a day to day reality…

We welcome the excellent foundations built by the Board one year on and we are proud of our contribution to its success. We look forward to continuing our relationship and continuing to inform their work with our learning…

…Social work has come along way in the last few years and there is now a greater understanding of just how important social workers are to the very fabric of our communities.

Sounds encouraging. Until that is considering the take on the report by the British Association of Social Workers which is is the only professional Social Work association across the UK…

It is extremely disappointing that the profession has waited a year for a report without any real teeth that offers social workers no more support or protection than they receive already…

…It is difficult not to draw the conclusion that this is yet another report that will gather dust on a shelf while social work and the people who use our services continue to suffer.

Wow! What a difference ehh? Well at least the BASW is maintaining a something like a consistent line given their view that, ‘The withdrawal of government funding to the Children’s Workforce Development Council (CWDC) is a regrettable decision but the right thing to do’.

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