Ghost Town

Ghost Town, originally uploaded by Jack Picknell.

Jack Picknell posted the above photo and the text below to his Flickr account recently. I completely get his point and wanted to share it here…

As Medway Council, in their infinite wisdom, close Globe Lane to traffic more local businesses in Medway Street face ruin in the name of regeneration! This photo was taken at 09:07am on a Monday morning, the street totally deserted save for a couple of pedestrians and myself. Apart from the effect these actions will have on the local businesses, was it really wise to close this route when the other main junction (New Road/Union Street) which will have to accommodate all the extra traffic, is still only half built? This council’s total disregard for it’s electorate is beyond belief. By the way, are we all in favour of them spending millions of pounds of tax payers’ money ripping up the road system they only installed about a year ago, just to see if they can get it right this time? I doubt it on both counts!

Thanks Jack.