Grrrhh! 365/2011 Day 01

Grrrhh! 365/2011 Day 01, originally uploaded by monaxle.

C’mon 2011 lets have it!

Day 1 of my first 365 project. 2010 had far too many days of being too busy with work to fit in the stuff I prefer to do with my time. Never got everything done at work anyhow!

I’m a terrible planner in that I tend not to. Crap at organising myself in that I’ve not really ever bothered. Useless at setting goals that require a bit of effort. I coast along at the whimsy of passing tides and changing weather. Consequently there are a number of things I lament not having done.

Could 2011 be any different? Well I have the intention it will be so that’s a good start.

The 365 project will become an indicator of my progress…


  1. Looking forward to following your project. I haven’t got the time or discipline to do something similar, or so I tell myself, so I want to see how it works out. Good luck!

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