bikes, cars and trains | the cost of the daily commute

I’ve been riding my bike to work for years now whenever commuting distance has allowed. Currently its about 14 miles one way and obviously I come back so thats 28 miles a day. On average I ride at least three day each week.  One day working at home and one day (normally Fridays) driving. I do it because I enjoy riding. Whatever the weather it’s not a bother to me. Once I get going its like some kind of meditation.

Anyhows this year things have been a bit different. Whereas I used to feel like I had a choice to drive or ride now I don’t. Live everyone else the cost of petrol has become really significant. My car does about does about 31 miles per gallon, or 6.8 miles per litre. So if I chose to drive every day the cost to get to work and back would be around £27.00

I wondered whether it would be cheaper to travel by train. Those in the know will I guess be laughing right now.

The nearest station to my place of work is about 3-4 miles away. I’d have to take my bike anyway to make it practicable. With that in mind there is no need to go any further because bikes are not allowed until after peak hours. Sure I could get a fold down bike and be serious about it but frankly that ain’t going to happen.

Whatever though just to see this through I have found out the cheapest possible ticket I could buy to get me there and back Monday to Friday leaving before 0900hrs and coming back after 1700hrs. Que the drum roll… £10.20 a day / £51.00 a week!

I’m staggered. What sort of nonsense makes it £24.00 cheaper a week,  even nowadays with the price of petrol at £1.30 a litre, to drive on my own to work than to get on a train? I guess I have lived a sheltered life as far as commuting is concerned.

Well I shan’t be taking the car to work any more than I am now and I definitely will not be getting the train. Quite probably I will end up riding more and more. Regardless of how much more expensive the train is I can’t justify the expense of driving without even factoring in environmental costs. I shall though take comfort from knowing as I cycle to work that it is by far and away the most sensible way to travel (discounting what I may look like to passing car drivers as a push along in the cold and rain wearing my waterproofs and day glow jacket).