Chatham | Yelsted | Pilgrims Way | Rochester | Chatham: soundtrack ME3

Had a great ride out on the pushbike this afternoon. Been using MapMyRIDE for the stats and route mapping since getting my new phone. Here’s an aerial video  of the journey.

Listening to the Medway Eyes compilation album ME3 all the way. A right mixed bag of some of Medway’s finest musicians and players.  A perfect treat for any aficionado of Medway music; a beautiful introduction to the musical talent of the towns for those that are unfamiliar. Click on the artwork and in just a couple more links you can download it for free. You could / should also donate what you can to Oxjam to show your appreciation. Promise you there’s nothing in the download to harm you or your poncuter.

Medway Eyes presents...ME3
Medway Eyes presents...ME3

1: Los Salvadores – Billy Ruffian
02: Maker – Soaked Up
03: Ben Jones – Hit and Run (Fait Accompli)
04: Dave Read – Lightbending
05: Brigadier Ambrose – Chatham Hill (Ranscombe Brass Demo Version)
06: Unlucky Fried Kitten – This Is England
07: Reg Varney Trio – Psycho Lust
08: Frau Pouch – Sexy Architecture (Sunlight session)
09: Crybaby Special and the Monsters – I Don’t Mind
10: Damsel – Monster
11: Falling Lucid – Blue Room Green Room

12: The Flowing – Lullabies
13: Stuart Turner and the Flat Earth Society – Holiday Song (edit)
14: Firstborn Heroes – Down And Out
15: The Galileo 7 – Ella (demo)
16: Billy Wears Dresses – Sittingbourne Annual Carnival Parade
17: Arcelia – Cupid
18: Upcdownc – Boneyard
19: The Ambience – Falsifier
20: Simon Bunyan – Death Of A Friend (demo)
21: Archie Wah Wahs – Hunchback
22: Tyrannosaurus Alan – The Officer Problem [explicit]
23: Baron Von Marlon – Several Pairs Of Socks
24: Wheels – Carlo Rossi
25: Glenn Barnes – Journey’s End
26: The Blissful Mop – Euphoria
27: The Love Family – A Foreign Country
28: Theatre Royal – Death On The River (Grace Bell session)
29: Bob Collins – Emily
30: Mr Bridger – Out For Tea
31: Groovy Uncle – Danger Zone (stereo mix)
32: James Doyle – Let’s Hear It For The Nice Guy
33: Thomas Turner Band – Nothing Left For Me
34: One Eleven Edmund – I Have Seen
35: Porlie Eidolon & Spindly Killers – You’re Still Mine
36: Reavsey – Wild Day In Whitstable
37: The Shagmonroes – Seafood
38: Houdini – Deadlines
39: Science Noodles – Dirty Streets
40: Z Stacks – Toffee Hammer
41: Kids Unique – Lab Conditions (Rubber Duck Dub Remix)
42: Wolfgang Riot – Five Bars Hotel
43: Lupen Crook – Tale Of An Everyman (acoustic) [explicit]
44: Tape Error – Home
45: Didi Bergman – Happy Song #1 (Sunlight Session)
46: Survivors Of Suki – Sing
47: The Singing Loins – House In The Woods

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