Letting go of emotions.

Passing through.

Passing through.

Emotions come from experience. We attach meaning and emotions to everything that we experience. Try treating emotions like experiences; passing scenery on our journey through life.

Experiences are transient yet often we give the emotions that we attach to them a much longer life. Sometimes this might seem good to us. At other times it prolongs our suffering. It is perhaps better if we can let our emotions go.

Happiness is for many of us a fleeting pleasure. Be present to it; enjoy it, but accept it will come and go until the next time. In the same vain so will all other emotions for example anger, excitement, fear or amazement. We can try to hold onto our emotions for as long as we can. Feeding them with thoughts and behaviour that validate their existence. But what is the point of that?

Clinging to emotions is as futile as clinging to the past. It will lead to upset. We get upset because we can’t hold on to them for as long as we would like or get upset because we can. Happiness slips from us without so much as a wave goodbye. Sadness or anger ferments, outstaying it’s welcome, robbing us of joy.   

Why not try letting your emotions go and notice what the scenery is like now? Don’t yearn or lament for what has passed. If we hold on to emotions we attached to past experience we’ll only get stuck in the past; we might miss what we’re passing through now.

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