Glasgow Cathedral

Unable to ride my bike for the time being due to Achilles tendinopathy so having to turn my attentions elsewhere to keep me occupied.

Browsing through my picture archives turned up images from the 365 photo project I started in 2011. I got to day 285 and then stopped for one reason or another. For the last couple of years I have considered taking it up again from day 286 which would have been October 12th in 2011. I haven’t though. Maybe I will this year.

For now here’s the picture I took on this day in 2011. Wednesday May 18th, day 139 of that year.

Glasgow Cathedral  | Day 139  | May 18th 2011 | 365/2011

Glasgow Cathedral | 365/2011 | Day 139 | Wednesday 18th May 2011

This was my first trip to Scotland. I was up there to attend training for trainers on Therapeutic Crisis Intervention. I took my bike.

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