Swapping web, domain name and email host.

Earlier this month I sacked iPage as my host for all things blog and email and switched to SiteGround.

I had two WordPress installs to transfer, my domain name and a bunch of email addresses to shift. There was also a heap of other random files and folders to move or trash as well.

SiteGround offer to migrate one web application in their intro deal. I did not read the small print and found this out when they told me they could not move everything for me.

As it turned out they migrated all the files for this one and Monica’s at They installed the database for this blog but not for Monica’s. I got so far in doing that using the cPanel until I hit on a few errors. SiteGround’s support was excellent. They fixed the problem quickly and the data base was installed.

I messed up with pointing to the correct name servers prior to instigating the transfer of the domain name. This meant that this blog and Monica’s site were both offline for a week while the process completed. I’m sure no one noticed. This could have been avoided. I did not look at what I was doing carefully enough when I did it.

I switched the emails a week after the domain name transfer was completed. What we thought had been a quiet week on the email front was just a week load of emails for us both once I remembered to change the login details to the new server.

I had been unhappy with iPage for a while. Page loading times were very slow. Periods of outage and limited access were becoming more frequent. Support was mediocre. SiteGround seems quicker and support is excellent. Price and feature comparisons I’ll leave to others with more time on their hands than me. I’m happy with what I get from SiteGround and am able to do everything I have wanted.  I have still to transfer any other files and folders worth keeping.  A bit of spring cleaning maybe. Trash the lot.