Silly Cyclepaths 002

So this one is a mix of silliness. It’s another short cyclepath that does nothing to make cycling on the road any safer. It ends abruptly before a left turn. Cars are given right of way over cyclists going straight on. There’s the driver who suddenly turns left without signalling. The cyclepath does not start again once past the left turn. Cars park just the other side of the junction creating the hazard of cyclists being doored. Another driver unwittingly demonstrates that for the video.

Just the other day a car turned left and nearly had me off my bike at the end of this cyclepath. The driver had his phone in hand and did not signal. He then got all uppity with me. I guess it’s because <sarcasm>I don’t pay road tax</sarcasm>.

By monaxle

Dad to four boys. Married to their mum. A satisficer. Lifelong cyclist, wannabe nomad, casual snapper and music lover. Occasional glimmers of creativity. Left field, anti establishment and non conformist tendencies. Green politics. Employment in mental health and children and adults social care. Open to learning, development and growth. Often get things wrong. Sometimes getting them right.

Current digital profile along the lines of #Mastodon, #Ubuntu, #NextcloudPi, #Thunderbird, #LibreOffice, #Gimp, #DigiKam, #KeePassXC, #Brave and #StandardNotes. It’s all #foss to me.

Views and opinions are my own or plagiarised and/or paraphrased from elsewhere. Whether these are right, wrong, misinformed or inspired is pretty much down to chance and your own judgement. Be well, be happy, be safe.

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