Ride your bike. Especially when you don’t feel like it.

Today was one of those days. I woke up and thought I’d slept in. Light was coming through the curtains. I checked my phone (clock). It was not switched on. Fumbled about with the charger and powered up. 5.17am. Weird. Pull the curtains back and had a look outside. Snow. Not much but it was settling and still coming down. I start to imagine the problems it will cause me. Slipping about. Might have to change my route. Cars and lorries driving too fast for the conditions.

My missus woke up which she seldom does at this time. Maybe she heard my sighs. I get up and have my usual pint of good stuff. Instead of immediately pulling on my cycling clothes I put the kettle on and make some tea for the missus and me. I go back to bed. These little things are not the norm. The fragility of my routine becomes clear.

On finishing my tea I’m happy to say the daily habit I’ve been developing¬† over the last 30 odd days shined through. Repetition kicked into gear. I was out of bed again and getting ready. By 6.06 am the Garmin was tracking my ride.

As I pedalled along I noticed a few things. The surface was not slippery as I had anticipated. Cars and lorries gave me a wide berth on the main roads . The light was nice. The snow dulled sounds and made things super quiet on the country roads.  My thoughts kept coming back to letting go of the expectation that things will always be the way we would like them to be. I stopped to take a picture.

awheel on snow

awheel on snow

This ride was not so hard. Certainly nothing like as horrible as I imagined it would be when I first looked out my window this morning. I’m really pleased I went out. The chain (of rides) is unbroken.

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