Excuses excuses. What makes me think I can’t ride every day.

Never been much of a target setter. Aimless is another way of putting it. A classic underachiever. A drifter. Living by a loose set of principles with some regard to the expectations of those closest to me. These have  perhaps been my saving grace. Somehow though I’ve ended up with money in the bank, a roof over my head and the wherewithal to provide for my family.

Lewis Carol has been attributed to saying –

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.

With this in mind there is some irony in having the aim to get 10,000 miles under the wheels of my bike in 2015. I have created a goal that I will reach by taking any road!

Having this target has led to some unforeseen things. Things to do and not to do mostly. What will help or hinder getting the miles in.  This week excuses have been on my mind. Here’s a break down of ten excuses that I’ve had to check myself on.

  1. Really busy. Yeah. Right. So who isn’t it? So get organised. Use a calendar. Create a schedule. Get up early. I’ve got the same twenty-four hours in every day just like everyone else. It’s not like I’ve taken on sorting out global inequality single-handed by the end of the year. It’s just 10,000 miles on a bike. An average of 834 miles a month or 28 miles a day.
  2. Don’t feel like it. That’s childish talk. I guess I could take notice of it. Let it make my decisions for me. Hold on though. I’m forty-six years old. Am I really going to let the twelve-year-old in me run my life? Doesn’t take much to imagine where that will get me.
  3. Sickness and health. So I’m not unbreakable. Now there’s a surprise. Experience is that if I don’t look after myself maintenance issues will occur. If I want to avoid costly repairs (time out) then there’s no getting away from the need for a bit of self-care. Don’t overdo things. Eat well. Get enough sleep. Abstain from excess.
  4. Bikes broken. Well that could be avoided to. What’s good for me is good for my bike. Don’t neglect it. It’s needs are simple. A lot less complicated than mine.
  5. Terrible weather. Dress for it. Adapt the routes. Change the ride times. Plan ahead.
  6. Lack of progress. I’m not enjoying it. What? I’m not training for the Olympics! How much progress do I need to make? Remember there’s only one goal. Every mile on the bike is progress. Celebrate the small victories of the routine rides. Wallow in the triumph of the longer routes. Remember that having fun is often a retrospective experience.
  7. Boring. Now I’m boring myself. Get over it. Create your own interest. Ride with a friend. That could be anyone on a bike. It’s a big old world. If there’s nothing there to grab the attention sink into the inner world of musing on life.
  8. Tired. Well whose fault is that. See points one and three. Get some sleep. Don’t overcomplicate things.
  9. No one else cares. Guess what? It’s only your mum that ever cared. She was just being nice. I’m not doing this because people care. Seems a bit stupid to get upset about that now. Have some integrity. It rubs off in everything you do.
  10. Too lazy. Lacking will power. Choose your battles carefully. There is only so much resolve to go around. Try to change too many things at once; trying to run before I can walk; trying to be all things for all people. It ain’t going to work. Stop and take stock. Be realistic. Something’s got to give. Make a choice and own it.

I’ve got loads more. No point on dwelling on them. A bit of brutal honesty with myself goes a long way though. I don’t get this bare knuckle feedback from anyone else. Think you want some yourself? Think you can take it? Let’s have you then!


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