A momentous ride

Until very recently son number four had never shown an interest in learning to ride a bike. I’d asked a few times but he’d shied away from the suggestion.  Things changed last Sunday. He was up for it. I took him to the car park round the back of our local social club.

Malachi's lessons begin.

Malachi’s lessons begin.

Even with the saddle right down the bike was perhaps a little too big. I figured as long as his toes could touch the ground things would be OK. He was pretty confident from the off. Just me running along side with a guiding hand on the back of his saddle and speaking words of encouragement was all the support he needed.

Before long he had a shaky grasp of momentum and balance. Not too soon after he had learned to put his foot down before stopping and to set off with one foot on the ground and one on the pedal. Squeezing brakes and twisting the gear shifter followed.

We went at his pace and had fun. Practised again on Monday and Tuesday after school. Never had the time to get out again till today. Nipped out quickly in the morning and he was on his way…

We were both made up! Could not have been happier. Went to see his grandparents this afternoon in Whitstable. Happy as Larry riding along the sea front –

Easy Rider!

Easy Rider!


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