Kelly Tolhurst failed to speak out about the tax credit cuts in the opposition day debate.

I’m really disappointed with my local MP Kelly Tolhurst. Kelly didn’t speak out or represent me and her other constituents who will be penalised by the proposed cuts to tax credits.

Before the general election, Mr Cameron promised that he ‘didn’t want’ to cut tax credits, and that tax credits ‘were not going to fall’. I emailed Kelly to ask her to take a stand against these brutal cuts and keep her election promise. I’m saddened that she did not do so at the opposition day debate even though other Tories did.

As a father of four school age children my family and I will be hit hard by the cuts next year. We are, like millions of others, one of the “hard working” families living in the UK. If Kelly understood and cared about the hardships that these cuts will bring to my family and others like us she would have spoken up in the debate.

It’s not too late for Kelly to do the right thing. I’m hoping she will remember her constituents – ordinary hard working people. Kelly is new to government. She is clearly keen on climbing the political career ladder going by her voting record. I’m keeping my fingers crossed she won’t be calling out to Jack to pull it up behind her.


25/11/2015 at 15.44

Dear Mr Turner

Many thanks for contacting me about your concerns with the original proposals to cut tax credits.

I was very moved to read the numerous pieces of correspondence I received describing the circumstances that lay ahead for many Rochester and Strood families. Therefore I am delighted by the Chancellor’s statement this afternoon confirming the initial proposals are to be scrapped thanks to these many representations.

I can assure you all that your letters and emails have all received my attention and consideration. It was because of the many personal stories I read that I have worked actively with the Chancellor alongside Conservative colleagues to raise your very valid concerns. It was also for this reason why I have delayed my response to you until the Chancellor formally made his announcement today.

I am sure you will share my happiness that the hard-working people of this area and the rest of the UK have had their concerns heard by our Chancellor. It is still important that we continue towards our goal of a higher wage, lower tax and reduced welfare society. I am therefore pleased that the Government has achieved the £12 billion of welfare savings while still managing to protect the most vulnerable in our communities.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me about this issue.

Yours sincerely,

Kelly Tolhurst MP

Weasel words. Neither Kelly nor the chancellor can take any credit for the decision. Had the House of Lords not intervened the cuts would have gone ahead. Kelly’s reply  shows how this self serving politician will do an about face when it suits and seek reputation points from something she had no part in at best.

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