L-Arginine & Citrulline Malate

A friend gave me some Argi + powder to try. It’s an L-Arginine and vitamin supplement. Five milligrams in water before a ride. Synthetic berry flavour to it. The Achilles are better for it. That and keeping my ankles warm. Endurance prolonged. Fatigue held off on hills and long flats.

I did a bit of reading about L-Arginine. That led me to citrulline malate. For the last week or so I’ve ridden after drinking 5-7 g of citrulline malate in water. Like Argi + plus some. Granted I have mixed the Argi + in my water bottle to. Only been a week or so now. Could simply be that I’m feeling on form. Got a lumpy 200 this Sunday. See how I get on with that.

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