New shoes and panties

Nah not really but that’s the first thing that came into my head when thinking about a title for this post. Gawd bless Mr Dury. New bags and frame sack doesn’t have the same ring to it.


I splashed out and bought myself a Carradice saddle bag and handlebar bag. The frame sack is made by Restrap. All handmade in England for what it’s worth. Ten kilos / 23 litres in the back; seven kilos / five litres up front. As much as I can stuff in the middle. That’s close to the forty litres capacity of the two Ortileb backrollers I had on my old bike.¬† This one has no braze ons to fix a rack to hence the splurge. There are rack solutions but I fancied something different plus I like the look of back-end clear of a rack and panniers.¬†First impressions are good. No significant difference in the handling or effort required when loaded up. I’m looking forward to some pedal powered nights out under the stars this year.