I wanna’ go Dutch.

If you don’t know already know now that the Dutch do cycling very well. No need for me to add to the accolades here. There’s a plethora of sources that’ll show you why if you have an interest. I recommend Bicycle Dutch for a great collection of posts about cycling in the Netherlands. The utility type of cycling to get from A to B.

They do lots of other stuff really well too.  Here’s a couple of videos made by Dutch creatives that I’ve come across just this week that have stopped me in my tracks.

Absolutely beautiful and powerful storytelling, everything in this short film focuses on making it easier for people to accept death as a natural, almost beautiful and dignified fact. Deeply touching and immersive thought provoking, this animated short movie by Marsha Onderstijn is an absolutely must see! (The Mind Unleashed)

Prashant Parvatneni at The Essential Mystery calls Glass “at once a passionate celebration of human labour and craftsmanship and a biting critique of the mechanistic mass-production of objects. On the very surface this documentary can appear as a demonstrative film keenly elucidating the very basic processes that go into the making of handmade glassware and juxtaposing it with the process of bottle-making in a mechanised factory. Yet this very juxtaposition coupled with a Haanstra’s strong stylistic intervention takes the film into a polemical space.” Taking a slightly different tone, Colossal’s Christopher Jobson highlights the jazz of the traditional half, and the “whimsical score of more synthesized music” in the modern half. “Also,” he adds, “there’s a ton of great smoking!”  (Open Culture)