Nothing like a new bike to put a smile on your face.

Met up with my sister and one of her boys yesterday. Over the past year she has found a new love for cycling. He’d very recently picked up a new bike bought on the cycle to work scheme. Lovely to see them both getting into riding. I had some work down their way so popped in before going home to join them for his first ride out on the new machine. A gentle 12 mile round trip between Sandwich and Deal. It was beautiful evening. We had a good laugh.

New bike equals happy days!

New bike equals happy days!

My big sis with her youngest son out riding in Deal.

A short first ride with George to Sandwich.

The three of us halfway to Sandwich.

The three of us halfway there. 

My mileage has gone right down over the last month. Even after a year of riding every day the habit is quick to go once you let others things become more important than getting out there and enjoying what you do. This was a great opportunity to remind me what I’ve been missing. Felt better for it to. Thanks to them both for getting me out there.

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