Bollenstreek route. The bulb fields tour.

So I said I wanna’ go Dutch. Went with the family to the Netherlands holidaying in the second week of April. We stayed in Holland at a place called Duinrell. It’s an amusement park with camping and static caravans.


This was our second time there. Our boys love it. Given the time of year the bulb fields were just starting to bloom. I mapped out a forty mile circular ride from Durinell round the fields largely based on the bollenstreek (bulb fields) cycle route and rode it pretty much every morning before the family were up out of bed.

The first few miles or so was along the Noordzee Route (North Sea Cycle route).

nscr, bollenstreek

It was good to revisit this section. The last time I rode along this fietspad (cycle path) it was with the toxic crew back in 2013.

toxic crew

Even though it was early in the season the sight and smell of millions of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths was worth making the effort to see.


purple sky and fields

pink fields

dafs pano

blue sky purple fields

For an idea of what the fields look like in full bloom check out this video filmed at the tail end of the season. Well worth a visit if you get the opportunity.

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