Pinnacle Ramin 3+ and poor customer service.

A couple of updates on the Pinnacle Ramin 3+ bike front. Evans (the Maidstone outlet) did a very poor job of the six week service. Wholly ineffective on the two things I asked them to sort out – the slipping seat post (which is now a known issue – check the reviews) and the back tyre.

When I picked the bike up the mechanic said the clamp just needed to be tightened up. He also said that as it was near to the maximum height it was liable to creak. I knew I was being fobbed off though was not in the mood to press my case. Sure enough first time I took it for a ride it creaked and slipped. As for the tyre another member of staff took the offending article and said he would contact WTB┬áto see about getting a replacement. Over six weeks later I’d still to hear back from him.

Things have since got better but not before they got worse. Last week as I was tightening the seat post clamp yet again it snapped!


Failed seat post clamp.

This was enough to prompt me into action. By the afternoon I’d been back with the bike to the shop. At no cost to me the clamp was replaced with one that works (with no creaking seat post either) and a replacement tyre was ordered (another Maxis Recon 120 tpi). It was a shame they never did this at the time of the six week service. Another bike shop that does not care much about providing a quality service and keeping their customers happy. I won’t be going back in a hurry.

edit 21/10/16 – I’ve been harsh and was uptight about the customer service. Evans have made good on the issues described. The tyre, seat post and clamp have now all been replaced / upgraded without charge or query. I’ve not had any further problems. It’s all good. Credit to them for putting things right.

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