What happens now Trump is president elect?

There is some irony in Trump becoming president elect on 9/11. Americans have a reputation for missing irony. They seem to have missed it on this occassion.   

The American people manufactured their own dilemma. Clinton or Trump? They’re both as despicable as each other. Clinton may have been perceived by many as the lesser of two evils. If that’s true it’s only in so much that her’s is a conventional type of evil. Seems like the American public had a stomach full of that. Who can blame them?

So now they and the rest of the world have a different dish of evil served up upon us. With Trump the dish is blatantly repugnant  and easy to see it for what it is. Hilary’s was good old American pie laced with slow release poison. Given the choice between the two I’d rather have the former. Straight in the bin no question.

As perverse as it seems it may be Trumps demagoguery, vicious misogyny, racism, violent speech, actual violence, complete disregard for truth, and threats to free speech that starts to turn America around. The extent to which he is reviled by those that oppose him may just be enough to bring about a domestic insurrection and step change in the direction America is heading.


Fanciful thinking maybe but at the very least Trump represents a very big spanner in the works of the established order. Certainly not something that would come with Clinton. If there’s anything positive to be had from Trump’s victory that that could well be it.