Have you got a hat I can borrow?

Had a bit of a set to with my oldest today. It could have gone better. Regardless of his 16-year-old unreasonableness I lost my rag and said things I should not have. I made a timely and full apology and was forgiven. He reciprocated and we are now in a better place. 

Walked down with him to pick up the youngest from school. On the way one of a group of three teenage girls approached us and asked if I had a hat she could borrow. I was wearing a hat as I normally do and assumed she was taking the piss. Excuse me? What did you just say. Have you got a hat I can borrow? I cast a look of contempt towards her and carried on my way not saying another word. Fucking weirdo she called out behind me.

I turned and laid into her verbally. She replied saying she’d asked me a reasonable question. There followed from me venomous chastisement before turning to walk away. Fucking weirdo. I let it go and joined my son who by now had left me to it. 

We spoke about the encounter on the way back. I didn’t hear her say hat dad. What? She asked you for a light! Hmmm. I’m not so sure. Whatever. It seems I was still hyped up and ready to do battle from the mornings row with the boy. It gave me something to think about. Must remember to breathe and pause before I react. That and maybe get my hearing checked.  

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