Audax to date.

Audax is long-distance cycling. The ‘classic’ distances in the UK are 200km, 300km, 400km and 600km. Do one of each in a season (Oct – Oct) and you’re a Super Randonneur! Organised events go from 50km (about 32 miles) to about 1400km (about 875 miles). Rides which are ‘Permanents’ can be completed to your own schedule with some that go up to 3200km. Audax UK for all you might want to know. 

dateeventdistance (km)climb (metres)time (hrs.min)AAA
2013/05/12Hop Garden 200 2002,5009.381.75
2013/07/06Rutland Weekend 3003002,55413.300
2014/01/25Hills and Mills 1001001,8505.041.75
2014/02/22Gospel Pass 1501502,2808.332.25
2014/03/23Man of Kent 2002001,5059.340
2014/04/26Oasts and Coasts 3003003,17815.280
2014/05/03The Hell Forest 1001001,3604.400
2014/06/30The Man of Kent (perm) 400km (DNF)2401,44213.060
2014/09/07New Forest and Isle of Wight Century 15015009.150
2014/10/05Hengist's Hills 1001001,7504.441.75
2014/11/09The Spordax 1001001,3504.460
2014/12/06Kings, Castles, Priests & Churches. 2002002,55011.451.75
2015/01/24Hills and Mills 1001001,8504.521.75
2015/02/18Wye Wednesday 20020009.220
2015/03/08 Kent Invicta Grimpeur 1001001,8905.412
2015/03/29Doncaster Doddle 200 (perm) 200010.420
2015/05/10Hop Garden 20020009.410
2015/05/23The Flatlands 600600035.420
2015/06/21Fairies Flattest Possible 300300014.430
2015/09/20Man of Kent 400 (perm) 400216120.470
2015/10/04Hengist's Hills 1001001,7504.541.75
2015/11/01Steam Ride: The Chilterns Pub Crawl (DNF)1692,3509.31 0
2016/02/27El Supremos Medway Meander (perm)200013.250
2015/12/05Kings, Castles, Priests & Churches 2002002,55010.451.75
2016/03/13Steam Ride: London-Oxford-London The Ghan
2016/04/17Chatham to Birmingham DIY3003,05718.050
2016/05/28Dros Fynyddoedd ac Anialwch Niwlog 4004006,00021.216
2016/07/02Borderlands Roc Trevezal 6006004,90038.060
2016/08/20Old Roads and Drove Roads 200200011.320
2016/10/25El Supremos Sedlescombe Herne Bay 200 (perm)200010.380
2017/01/28Hills and Mills 100 (DNF)
2017/03/19Man of Kent 2002001,5059.590
2017/04/04Saracen RC 200km no. 2 permanent2002,20110.460
2017/05/06Green and Yellow Fields 3003001,00015.540
2017/07/01Kingdom of the East Saxons 400km4003,22823.500
2017/07/30LEL 2017 (London Edinburgh London) 1,441km1,44111,000114.142.75
2017/09/13Hartlepool 200km (DIY) (DNF)1281,3527.400
2018/05/18Bryan Chapman Memorial - Welsh End to End6008,45939.108.5
2018/06/02This is Not A Tour 400A4007,58724.357.5
2019/02/20Wye Wednesday2002,10511.250
2019/04/27Oasts and Coasts 300km 3003,00017.020
2019/05/11Invicta Phoenix 4005,00025.560
2019/06/22Willesden's Last Gasp
2019/08/22Paris Brest Paris122510,07082.290
2019/10/06Fairies Crown and Anchor 2002002,15011.090
2019/11/15Moonrakers & Sunseekers

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