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Audax: Hills and Mills 100km.

The ride was scheduled between a run of rolling work commitments. Busy all week and up to midnight before the off. Dirty grey late January morning. Nursing a bit of a cold. Arrived early enough for a coffee and munch provided. Set off as usual with the customary ‘off you go then’ shortly before 9.00am.

The keen ones got away sharply while most continued to fettle their fit and sort themselves out for a few hours on a wheel. I peddled off on my own after the first flurry had departed confident in my knowledge of the immediate route ahead. After a couple of km or so the route forked as outward and incoming routes merged. One navigation error and prolonged stupidity had me cycling nearly 20 km before correcting myself. I decided to head back to the car after I backtracked on the correct route to the first control. 30 miles done. The sky had cleared and the sun was shining on my return. A pleasant jaunt out on relatively unfamiliar roads.   

My second did not finish (DNF) audax. Not feeling it really. Too busy with work and adapting to changes with our childcare. Bit fuzzy headed with the cold. No leeway to make time for the extra miles and elevation. This one slipped away from me. 

By monaxle

Dad to four boys. Married to their mum. A satisficer. Lifelong cyclist, wannabe nomad, casual snapper and music lover. Occasional glimmers of creativity. Left field, anti establishment and non conformist tendencies. Green politics. Employment in mental health and children and adults social care. Open to learning, development and growth. Often get things wrong. Sometimes getting them right.

Current digital profile along the lines of #Mastodon, #Ubuntu, #NextcloudPi, #Thunderbird, #LibreOffice, #Gimp, #DigiKam, #KeePassXC, #Brave and #StandardNotes. It’s all #foss to me.

Views and opinions are my own or plagiarised and/or paraphrased from elsewhere. Whether these are right, wrong, misinformed or inspired is pretty much down to chance and your own judgement. Be well, be happy, be safe.

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