Audax: Man of Kent 200

Without the benefit of regular miles and fitness the first 200 of the year. Missed the two 100 km rides planned for January and February respectively for one reason or another. All best laid schemes and so on… Still it went better than I expected. 

The first two sections; Golden Green to Faversham and from Faversham to Wingham, were both wind assisted. Very nice too. Riding with company and making the most of the rolling windbreaks provided. I got up Hubbards Hill with less of a struggle than the last time I did this ride.

Wingham to New Romney was hard work. Cycling into the wind for 55 km and mostly on my own. Bad tactic. I do know better. I arrived at the control pretty shattered. Sat on my own in the cafe unable to summon up the cognitive skills to be social. Beans on toast with two cups of tea got me back on track.

New Romney to Headcorn went quite well. Hung onto the back of a group of three for a third of it or so. Makes such a difference. Average speed back up to 17mph. Headcorn back to Golden Green was another solo effort. Did not have the fitness to keep up with the group so it was a steady grind back to base at 15 mph avg. 

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