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London – Edinburgh – London (LEL) 2017

LEL 2017
LEL 2017

Just a few days to go before the off. Bikes ready. I’m ready in my head. Ready enough in my legs. Route sheet printed. GPX files loaded. Working out on what needs to come with me and what I can put in my drop bags, one in Edinburgh and the second in Thirsk. These are times I am scheduled to pass through each control.


LondonStart at Sunday 14:00
St Ivesopens Sunday 17:20, closes Sunday 22:07
Spaldingopens Sunday 19:22, closes Monday 03:04
Louthopens Sunday 22:08, closes Monday 09:49
Pocklingtonopens Monday 01:22, closes Monday 17:42
Thirskopens Monday 03:34, closes Monday 23:04
Barnard Castleopens Monday 05:44, closes Tuesday 04:20
Bramptonopens Monday 08:32, closes Tuesday 11:10
Moffatopens Monday 11:00, closes Tuesday 17:11
Edinburghopens Monday 13:40, closes Tuesday 23:41


Innerleithenopens Monday 15:06, closes Wednesday 03:10
Eskdalemuiropens Monday 16:44, closes Wednesday 07:09
Bramptonopens Monday 18:42, closes Wednesday 11:57
Barnard Castleopens Monday 21:28, closes Wednesday 18:41
Thirskopens Monday 23:36, closes Wednesday 23:53
Pocklingtonopens Tuesday 01:50, closes Thursday 05:20
Louthopens Tuesday 05:04, closes Thursday 13:13
Spaldingopens Tuesday 07:52, closes Thursday 20:02
St Ivesopens Tuesday 09:54, closes Friday 01:00
Great Eastonopens Tuesday 12:16, closes Friday 06:46
Londonopens Tuesday 13:52, closes Friday 10:40

The plan is to stop for a sleep at Polkington and Moffat heading north and Barnard Castle and Spalding on the journey back south.  Live tracking of riders progress from the LEL site. My rider ID is EE26 for anyone interested. If I can make it back by 10:39am on Friday I’ll be happy.