Handlebars for long distance rides.

So I splashed out on some fancy new Compass Randonneur handlebars. They don’t look like normal bars and for good reason. The geometry works with and cradles the cupped palms on the ramps. This should relieve pressure and help prevent compressing the ulnar nerve and subsequent cyclist palsy. The ample curves give a wider choice of distinctively different positions than regular drop handlebars. This should help with finding a range of comfortable wrist positions and so lessen the impact of compressing the median nerve which can otherwise lead to symptoms characteristic of carpal tunnel syndrome. I’m still getting over both problems after riding LEL at the end of July. 

Compass Randonneur Handlebars

Compass Randonneur Handlebars

This is my  second buy from Compass Cycles. The handlebars cost a bit and with custom charges and handling fees they were not a cheap option but if they are as good as Jan Heine asserts it will be worth it. I could have put some aero bars on instead but they don’t really fit with my style of riding which often takes me off-road plus I’m not a big fan of the look. I think these handlebars look great. 

Compass Randonneur Handlebars

Compass Randonneur Handlebars

Not yet had them a week but first impressions are good. I’ve only done a hundred or so miles on them to date. I have though noticed my little fingers do not get numb or fizzy riding a 40 km loop I often do and which frequently led to that feeling using the handlebars that these have replaced. A proper test will be on a 200 km plus ride which I look forward to having a go at some time soon. Watch this space! 


  1. Thank you for your post. So, what are your thoughts after some time now? I still consider aero, but not for some power efficiency, but because they are flat in top section. I am hoping I could lean on it with my elbows and give my hands a rest for a minute or two. Since riding in such position would be risky I intend to do it only on good surface uphill or against the wind

    • Much better. 600km longest ride and still felt all my fingers at the end. I think aero would be better but I’d not want them on all the time.

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