Knocked off my bike by a too close pass.

I was knocked off my bike by a too close pass. Whacked on the back of the head by the wing mirror of a passing Royal Mail DAF truck! Lucky not to have been killed.

It was 3.00 am on Bluebell Hill. There was next to no traffic. Lights and bright clothing on. Just a case of the driver not paying attention. I have no recollection of being hit. The truck driver alerted the emergency services. Patchy memories of lying by the roadside and being helped by a police officer and ambulance crew. I recall a line being put in my arm and my head in a brace. Traveling by ambulance, having a CT scan and lying on a spine board for far too long. Of the heavy blanket of morphine. The background chat of nurses and doctors. Of my sore head. Nothing scary showed up on the scans. My head wounds were cleaned and stitched. I was free to go.

Still feeling it now to some extent. Ears are ringing and hearing is dulled. Back of the head is sensitive and sore. Get a biz woozy from time to time. I am on the mend. Other than the head injuries and a few bruises down my right side which have now faded no other damage done.

I was not wearing a helmet. The difference one may have made is assumed beneficial. I have one now. If it reduces the risk of being gifted unsolicited advice about cycling safety it will be worth something.

Time off the bike is extended by treatment and splints for bi lateral carpal tunnel syndrome brought on by and a lasting reminder of LEL. I could take the splints off and ride but have not done so in the last week. Bit of a write off on the mileage front this year. A couple of testing rides next May and June will get me back on the bike soon enough. Endurance and fitness comes and goes. Getting fit easier than staying fit perhaps.