Start again and stick with it.

All is well after being knocked off in October. Bit of numbness where I was whacked in the head but otherwise all good. No further action is being taken by the police with the driver of the DAF truck. Not enough evidence to support a prosecution or other action. I have no recollection of the collision so the drivers account is the only thing the police have to go on. The post office admitted liability but that is no proof of a driving offence.

I was not wearing a helmet when the truck hit me. The solicitors working on getting some compensation commented that any payment would likely be reduced for not doing so.  I tried on the one I had some time after the accident. It partly covered the first point of contact on the back of my head. Not sure it would have stayed on or offered much protection if I had worn it. I have a new one now and wear it on all my rides. I am getting used to it. It saves me dieing from boredom of the helmet conversation.

Fingers still fizzing from the LEL in July/August but 85% back to normal now. Wish I could say the same for the frequency of rides. Not yet reestablished a routine and the days are passing by as they ever do. Couple of tough rides to train for in May and June so reasons to get the miles in are there however the motivation to do so is absent. It had taken a while after time off the bike with my hands during August to get back into riding regular miles. Steadily back on form in October then I’m  knocked off by the Post Office truck and away the habit goes again. Start again and stick with it.  Sounds easy enough.

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