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An inch of snow and the kid’s schools are closed!

School closures. So at 6.00 am this morning St Michaels School in Chatham has posted that the school is closed for the day. Not long after Thomas Aveling has gone the same way.  Not enough teachers can get in to work. At that time of the morning you have to wonder how many of said teachers actually bothered getting out of bed to try. That’s no school then for three of my boys today. Just waiting now on boy no. 4’s school to wimp out.

My wife managed to get to work in Maidstone on the bus. She was there before 7.00 am. I’ll be off at 3.00 pm when she gets home and will be working till midnight. We don’t get paid unless we show up. That’s how we will manage child care today and keep earning to pay the bills.  

It’s a shame that the schools don’t practice what they preach about attendance levels. You can only allow your child to miss school if either they’re too ill to go in you’ve got advance permission from the school. Nothing there about an inch of snow on the ground. Your local council can give you a fine of £60, which rises to £120 if you don’t pay within 21 days if your child has a days unauthorised absence. Maybe if schools got fined per family affected by their needless closures headteachers would think twice about calling it a day and creating an extra days paid holiday for them and their staff.