Shimano ST-RS505 Hydraulic Disc Brake review

Spend spend spend! Shiny new gear from my bike. Swapped out my old 105 shifters and TRP HY RD cable actuated hydraulic disc brake calipers for a fancy new pair of Shimano ST-RS505 Hydraulic Disc Brake Mechanical STI’s with RS785 post mount calipers 

Spending on experiences and not things is a more reliable predicate of future happiness. At least that’s what the findings of some personality and social psychologists suggest. £289.00  from Probikekit was a bargain at the time but this splurge was still a bit of a gamble with my happiness stakes. There’s not much though in psychology which is clear cut. True enough spending on things that lead to pleasurable experiences blurs the distinction between experiential and material purchases. Pleased to say then that one month and 650 miles later the hedonic pay off continues to balance out the investment made. 

So down to the nitty-gritty of my experience with the new set up. Facile as it is I don’t find the look of the levers at all ugly. I say this as at least a couple of reviews I’ve read comment negatively about their appearance. Defining features include a bulbous hood top and a prominent ridge on the inside bottom where the hydraulic reservoir and cable protrude.


Aesthetics aside they feel perfectly comfortable in my normal riding position with fingers over the levers and thumb clasped around the middle of the hood. Pleasantly surprised how form fitting the tops were in a semi aero tuck. I guess my hands may just be the right size for them.    

Stopping power is great. The TRP HY RD calipers were a big step up from rim brakes and these are an equal sized jump up from them. A big plus is the reduced lever travel required to get decent pressure on the rotor. That was always an issue for me with the HY RDs but the RS505 need only go halfway down if that before locking up the wheels. What’s more is the reach and free stroke adjustment. I have not needed to use this but it is good to have all the same. 

Shifting is accurate and quick. The Road.CC review noted performance here is nothing special but I have no complaints. Given that opinions are probably informed as much by experience as they are expectations I consider myself in the advantageous position in this case.       

All said and done I’m well pleased and would happily recommend them if asked. I would though wouldn’t I?


  1. I’m on HY-RD for my cx bike but fully hydraulic is so much better. Divide de the cost by the miles and it’s more easy to justify.

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