Drone. To make a dull, continued, low, monotonous sound.

A drone over Gatwick. The police, army and security services may well be feeling just a bit inadequate over this. A little impotent perhaps. Laughed at by their counterparts overseas. How can it be, with us the British public being among the most watched citizens in the world, that they have not been able to stop or find the person(s) who flew the drone over Gatwick airport? 

No doubt this incident with the drone will lead to new laws being introduced, more of our freedoms being restricted and rights to privacy being dismissed all in the name of national security and public safety. Saying that it makes me think that perhaps the security services were behind this farce to prove some new and intrusive measure the government wants to introduce is absolutely necessary to keep us all safe  

Seems perverse that I feel my freedom and safety is under greater threat from the actions of my government than I do from any of those they claim to be protecting us from. My feeling safe involves trusting those charged to keep me safe. I don’t trust our government one bit. I certainly don’t feel safe in their hands right now. 

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