PBP. Paris Brest Paris 2019. Let’s go!

edit 31/08/2019 – I’ve done it now. See this post for a bit of a write-up.

PBP. Paris Brest Paris 2019. 746 miles / 1200km in total. Lots of lumps along the way. Each of the colours represent one of the fifteen stages. The longest stage is 73 miles, the shortest is 28. I have entered the 90 hour time limit. Sunday evening to Thursday lunch time.


Lets go! I’ve been looking forward to this for the last one four years. PBP –  Paris Brest Paris  2019 All signed up and paid for today. Never imagined I would be riding it when I started randonneuring  back in 2013. Definitely something other people did. Well this year I’m planning on joining them. Starting at 8.00pm on the 18/08/19. Rider number: PBP-3770. You can check out the route and elevation of each of the stages in a lot more detail here. It’s going to be great. 

Just a small matter now of completing the qualifying rides.

Planned Qualifiers

1. Wed 20 Feb 2019 208km Wye Wednesday from Gravesend Cyclopark, Gravesend. This is audax is held just every four years to go along as a qualifier for PBP. It’s a good ride. Last year it was a bit icy at the start. A few riders took a tumble. Hopefully this year everyone will finish safely. Here’s my write up of the event held in 2014.     

2. Sat 27 Apr 2019 300km Oasts and Coasts from Meopham. Done this one as well. I found it really tough. Did not pace myself well and my back tyre got a slow puncture which did not help. Another one I wrote up

3. Sat 11 May 2019 400km Invicta Phoenix 400 from Gravesend Cyclopark, Gravesend. It’ll be my first for this one.  

4. Sat 22 Jun 2019 600km Willesden’s Last Gasp from Kings Cross-St Pancras. The last possible 600km qualifier. This one does not finish anyone near home but still. All adds to the adventure I guess.  

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