On the way to PBP

Things are looking good. The 200, 300 and 400 are in the bag. Just a 600 to do now and I’m qualified for PBP. Happy days. 

Oasts and Coasts 300km last month and the Invicta Phoenix 400km this weekend gone. Needless to say I found them both hard going. I would do well to look after myself a bit better. Perhaps even do a bit of structured training. 


Thinking back on the 300 now. Had a few moments from around 230 km. Just after a horrendous slog along the seawall from Westgate. Not far. Less than 15 km. Horrible wind all the way though. It was at the control in Macaris in Herne Bay. A cup of tea and few chips had me retching. I felt rough. I took the opportunity to detour from there to family in Tankerton and put my feet up for 45 minutes. A good dose of tea, cake and sympathy. It was hard leaving but leave I did. From there to Faversham again exposed to the wind. The bit through Newnham to Hollingbourne was a bit of a slog as well. Found that  the last time I rode this audax. Felt the cold a lot. I’m not dressing right. I get all sweaty and am not drying out quick enough. The weather as changeable as it was made it a gamble whether chosen garb would for the most part suit conditions. Still I finished within time. Came down with a cold a couple of days after which hung around on my chest for a short time before the 400.

The Invicta Phoenix was incrementally tougher. I discovered at an early stage I could no longer climb! This was a bit of a disappointment. The ride is long and lumpy. My legs were failing in general and miserably on each ascent. Out of breath and hacking up my lungs. We got a soaking early Saturday morning. Dried out slowly though the day. I found the night section freezing. Low point at the garage control in Lewes. I was shaking with cold. Not everyone experienced this but at least one other bloke did. He bailed there saying he was off to find a Premier Inn and would get the train home in the morning. He looked in worse shape than I felt. I need to sort out what I’m wearing but he never even had a jacket!

My mate Dave who I rode with was great. He nursed me along and distracted me from my miseries as best he could.  It was far from all bad though. I just don’t remember the good bits. Not true. The control at Rye was exceptional. The best breakfast ever. Big thanks to Tom who organised the event and everyone who volunteered at the controls. Hat tip tip to Kent Audax

I did both rides were on big heavy 40mm Marthon Tours. 940g each. Had the Carradice on the 400. I’m riding with a bit of weight. Like to think I’ll benefit from this on PBP by shedding weight on lighter tyres and a cunning packing strategy. Truth is I’ll likely do nothing of the sort.