flipping the stem and ear muffs.

Yeah I got a 600 to do this weekend. The last qualifying ride for PBP 2019. Feeling good about it. Feeling fit and ready. Couple of things to note that have made life on my bike a million times better. 

Flipping the stem. Instead of it being angled down it is now angled up. What a difference. I must have flipped it myself before. It looks like it was supposed to be this way all round. How can I tell? Well all the writing is the right way up now. Such a simple and basic thing to do. Since the flip and immediately noticeable is no more numb fingers and no back pain when climbing hills. What a div I have been. Should have done this ages ago. Like two years ago before I rode LEL. If not then straight after when I did not have proper feelings in my hands and fingers for six months. So stupid of me. Still it’s done now.

Ear muffs. I was being driven mad by the sound of wind in my ears. Made it worse by having ear flaps inside my helmet. Made it better by getting rid of them and buying myself a pair of Windfree ear muffs. They are great. I did a 400 with them and they made such a difference. Hardly notice they’re on other than not being driven potty by the sound of the wind in my ears. Wear them for every ride now. Great thing is I can wear ear buds with them. As the wind noise is right down by about 30 – 40 % there is no need to have the volume up. I can listen to music as well as hearing what’s coming up behind me. Fuckin’ great. I love ’em.   

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