Moving House

We are moving house. This is to buy somewhere bigger. I would prefer if we could use less space. I think I am alone in this wish. I had two visitors today. Mrs Lee arrived at 12.30 pm. I had spent an hour or so cleaning up and making the house look warm and welcoming. Mrs Lee was reluctant to come in. She got no further than the lounge door before scurrying back out. I asked Mrs Lee what the problem was. She said it was the parking. I phone Ian the estate agent and provided feedback. He suggested that you always get one or two like that. I said I hope so.
The second lady arrived at 8.00 pm. She had four children with her. We are moving to get somewhere bigger. She has more children than us. I did not hide my wonder at why she was looking at our house. She and her kids were quite pleasant. Maybe they have come across hard times. She said they were living in a four bedroom house now. I was friendly and helpful.