A three-day stand-off between police and protesters continued at the climate camp in Hoo today. Despite attempts by both sides to resolve issues over how the camp is being run Wednesday ended with no signs of peace ahead. The protesters have been guarding gate five of the site, dubbed the Western Front, since police attempted to seize a number of vehicles on Monday morning. Police asked climate campers to move the vans and cars on Monday after concerns over emergency access. When they had not been moved three hours later, police treated the vehicles as abandoned and attempted to seize them. Demonstrators acted swiftly and formed a human chain around the vehicles to stop them being taken away. This stalemate is now into day three. A line of police officers stand facing the camp with a line of protesters sat at their feet; reading, singing, drinking cups of tea and even making origami, for 24-hours a day. Both parties are working on a rota system. The climate campers take it in turns to stand guard while others enjoy the workshops and programmes on site. When it comes to swapping shifts for the police, the officers move one by one, being replaced with other officers, so the line of fluorescent jackets is never broken.

squeeze in everyone!

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