The man from the Highways Agency; he say YES!

Not so long ago I included in a post a comment that I’d like to do a photo assignment of some road construction works.

I wrote to the Highways Agency asking if there was any chance of having access to construction sites to get some pictures. After a week I had not received any acknowledgment of my request so I wrote again. I blogged the email I sent and asked if anyone had some tips for this kind of thing.

Well it turns out I did quite well on my own. The Highways Agency had forwarded my email onto their contractors who got in touch with me today. One of their community relations people has written to say they are willing to escort me round a major construction project going on just a few miles up the road from my hometown. Still to fix a date but I’m feeling pretty pleased with the development.

I think maybe they are a bit wary I might use the pictures I get to portray roadworks in a bad light i.e. have I any links with road protest organisations and so on. I have not.

Whilst I don’t think much of the way North Kent is being concreted over I have no intentions of doing anything with the pictures other than as I described in the email.

Now whether I get any *good light* when the time comes to take the pictures is another matter. Hears hoping for dry weather and interesting skies.