dodgy card readers munch pictures

I have had the misfortune of losing loads of pictures. All the shots I took last weekend down at Rochester Riverside Park of my kids riding their bikes down there (before the fences were stolen – that’s another story I have a post coming up about). All the shots I took on Thursday at the Kent, Coal and Climate Change meeting at Fort Amherst (see my last post about that one). All the pictures I took at a local pub, the Nags Head of a band (Spitfire Four) playing there on Friday night. All the pictures I took yesterday with the family at Leeds Castle. Ugggggg!!!!

My camera took the pictures OK and everything was normal until the point I put them in my card reader. The folder would show up but when I clicked on the folder I’d get the message that the files were corrupted and could not be read.

I managed to retrieve the files from the card (using the same card reader) with a data recovery program but none of the files will open – I get the error message that the files are of the wrong type and cannot be recognised.

I stuck the card(s) back in the camera and the CF error was still there. I formatted the cards using the camera to do so and luckily that sorted the CF error (but of course did nothing to get the files back in a working state).

Following a process of elimination I have worked out that the problem was caused by my card reader – duhh – should have worked that out sooner really. I’m now using a different card reader, no new CF errors and fingers crossed I think that’s drawn a line under the problem.

I have searched and searched for a way to fix and read the corrupt files (Canon RAW files – CR2) with no luck. I have kept them anyway in the hope that someday I may find a way or someone will tell me about a magic fix. I live in hope.

Just thought I’d mention this here in case anyone experiences a similar problem and to strongly suggest you first rule out the card reader as the problem.

I’m glad at least it was not the camera.