Turn off the lights!

“By mid-century we’ll be thinking about moving to the arctic regions, to Scandinavia, to the north to Siberia. We don’t seem to realise how bad it is and how uninhabitable most of the world is going to become.” Radio Netherlands. Not an Atom of Doubt. 

My parents generation and the rest of us since have not in our lifetime gone through any trauma on the scale as those that have gone before us. The world wars, real poverty, disease and other social ills of times past. Whilst this could not be said for all parts of the world in my little corner (England) I think it probably is. Yes for sure there will be countless stories of hardship there has thankfully been nothing much to worry about on a national scale.

I remember the spectre of the cold war and the nuclear arms race. I remember worrying about nuclear war as a child. Thankfully we seem to have got away with that one so far. As a generation we have come close to lamenting the absence of such hardships and even putting that down as the cause behind the lack of moralities and citizenship so often reported about today.

Well worry not generation X’ers cause it looks like we gonna have our very own global disaster to look forward to in our own lifetimes (or thereabouts). Climate change and how we are going to adapt to it is in my view the most significant issue that we have to explore. I am without any doubt it will be the curse on all of my children’s life. I feel scared for them.

So I shall be doing what I can on the personal consumption front and will be evangelising the cause for what difference it will make. Moving to Canada seems like a good idea…