Evernote, cloudHQ and Google Drive.

Over the years I’ve been approached a few times by people asking if I’d like to earn money by placing adverts on this blog. I’ve turned down all offers. Advertising is not something I want to get into or support. It makes the place look messy if nothing else.

This post is though an advert for cloudHQ by way of a testimony for the service. Here’s why I don’t mind doing so in this case. First off posting this will get me a cloudHQ Business Plan with unlimited file sync for one year for free! So what’s the big deal about that other than it being a worthwhile freebie?

Well for me it’s to do with Evernote. I’ve been using Evernote for three or four years now. It’s not perfect but it’s the note taking app I have chosen to use. Since I started using Evernote the company has in my view lost direction. It’s been floundering rather than flourishing. I’m not convinced it will be around for the long term. So I started looking for alternatives and ways of transferring all the notes / data I have stored in my Evernote account. I’ve not found an alternative that does all that Evernote does so have stuck with it. For peace of mind though I thought there would be some sense in mirroring everything I have in my account. Here’s where cloudHQ comes in.

Using cloudHQ I have effortlessly been able to synch everything I have in Evernote to Google Drive. Notes are transferred as PDF files; attachments synced in their native formats. CloudHQ keeps on syncing everything I add to Evernote and each week I get an email to confirm its kept on quietly doing it’s job. No fuss, no bother. It just works.

There’s load of other services cloudHQ can integrate with – Google Apps; Dropbox; Amazon; Office 365; and more. I’ve not yet had call to hook it up with any of these. With a years Business Plan coming my way I may well be doing so in the near future. Check out the features page and see what it can do for you.