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Mario’s bike – Henri Cartier-Bresson

Something that’s been around a while and blogged about by plenty of others but all the same…

Digital Blue says:

When everything is blurred you cannot convey the motion of the bicyclist. On the other hand, if the bicyclist is not the subject– what was?

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Gianni D. Pro User says:

I like very much this picture. I like the atmosphere, the movement and the perspective.

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beyond the pale says:

hard to tell at this size but is everything meant to be moving in this shot, all seems blurred

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Agata… says:

Why is the staircase so “soft”? Camera shake? Like the angle though.

Agata… says:

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dalbergaria says:


How can you guys talk about photography if YOU NO NOTHING ABOUT IT!?!?!?

DCP, Infinite_vest, AgataL, you have NO idea how stupid you look now!

Thats F*#&#^%ing awesome!

carolyn_in_oregon Pro User says:

so small

so blurry

to better show a sense of movement SOMETHING has to be in sharp focus

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carolyn_in_oregon Pro User says:


I think you’re funny


leolecal says:

our master is “shaking in the grave”.

so shame on you ‘deleteme ppl’..

dalbergaria says:

Deleteme pepole… YOU GUYS ARE NUTS!!! PLEASE! Stop that…

“to better show a sense of movement SOMETHING has to be in sharp focus” WHO TOLD YOU THAT CAROL???

Someone should write a book about this… Its unbelievable…

– voted as DELETE the Deleteme people! ahahah

carolyn_in_oregon Pro User says:

please don’t post to this pool if you can’t deal with criticism

read the front page of this pool

dalbergaria says:

I can deal with criticism…

But can’t I criticise STUPID criticism?

Now you are not dealing very well with my criticism… I guess.

beyond the pale says:

oh, hang on now I get it, it’s not a problem with the shot, it’s our opinions which are lacking, this photo is of such an intrinsically high quality that there could be no other explanation.
Dalbegaria – you seem very attached to this photo or poster, but when it is submitted to a public group for criticism, then, well you get what you pay for. None of us claims to be an expert but our opinions are valid here, feel free to post a comment detailing why you like this shot…

wilkiecoco Pro User says:

Nicely composed, but blurry

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CarlosBravo Pro User says:

This photo is pure art.

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dalbergaria says:

infinite: Patient you need to be. And the force with you will be!


Gary Lindquist Pro User says:

This looks contrived, which is not a bad thing. If this is a planned shot, it just didn’t come out right. If you can round up Mario, I would do it again. This time put the camera on a tripod and use the smallest aperture possible to get the best DoF. What I would hope for is that the railings are sharp and that mario on the bike shows a blur. Must have the foreground sharp, though. Without that, the image will never fly.

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Bukutgirl Pro User says:

yeah and?

grey, blurry, small, odd crop

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sparty lea Pro User says:

I very much like the crop and all the wierd angles in this, the patchwork of textures in the street is great, I like the grey grainey look it has but I’d like to see it much bigger
Cant vote on this size

davidchardman Pro User says:

Ha Ha, very funny 😉

paddysat Pro User says:

Nice form, AR. You have fished out all the reasons I dont come around hyeres any more.

How could I not save this!?!

I claim masterpiece!

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okrahoma says:

a lot of winking going on here… was this shot by another André?

dElay says:

perfect !

dalbergaria says:

Poddysat got the point!

Good job man!


Lets go… No balls for the deleteme9 and 10?


André Rabelo says:

Im almost crying. My poor digital photography, adjusted with photoshop is deceiving…

Nobody loves me…

jam-L  Pro User  says:

great catch!

MiniTar says:

Ok, I’m not a photography expert.
Ok, I’m very into lomography.
Ok, I’m very very fan of colors.

But I just can’t delete this photo, cause I can see the beauty of an unsharp shot, the movement of it and I’m able to rebuilt this momment in my head.

So, just like paddysat said:

I claim masterpiece!

My whish is to save this photo, but I wont.
I want that you guys delete it, cause it will just prove my theory: you guys know nothing about good photoshography, you just care for very regular photos. you are nuts and patethics!

PS. Besides, I know a little bit of the history of photography 🙂

igilmour Pro User says:

bit too blurred to be worth a save from me

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dvcz Pro User says:


felmagalhães Pro User says:

this is the day deleteme has entered the history of photography as the worst (not in terms of being mean, but in terms of being mis-informed, mis-educated, un-cultured, and all other things that can be summarized by the word STUPID) critics this art form has ever seen. you guys have just proved that all your votes aren’t worth the least of all considerations. thinking that deleteme criticism will improve the way we photograph is BULLSHIT. it’ll just turn us into advertising/stock photographer wannabes, gadget show-offs that only care for the technicalities. you guys are full of yourselves (in other words, full of shit!).
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Mario’s bike – André Rabelo’s photostream on Flickr and the original post

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