A Year In The Life Of Faversham

A few weeks ago I passed by a photography exhibition showing in the Drill Hall on Preston Street in Faversham. The exhibition was called “A Year In The Life Of Faversham“. Having a fair bit of family history in Faversham and an interest in photography myself I was keen to see what was on show.

It was well worth the detour on the way back to Medway from Whitstable. 366 photos ingeniously displayed showcasing the town and local creative talent with a camera. I spent nearly two hours looking at the exhibits, chatting to contributing photographers, bumping into distant relatives and getting collared to say something into a video camera for Kent TV.

The video Kent TV has made to help promote the exhibition is below. No prizes for anyone who can spot me in it. I’m the psychopathic looking one with a speech impediment towards the end. I’ll know better next time to politely refuse –

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