A Kodak Moment

Some time back I was gifted with some expired 35mm Kodak film via this thread on Flickr. I got round to putting a roll through a camera a couple of weeks ago and have just had the prints back. Nothing more than snapshots of the boys St Georges Day cubs parade through Rochester. I used one of the boy’s old toy camera hence the Spy Gear and mask on them all. I like how they come out. I like quirky.

I added the pictures to a Flickr group set up for everyone who got some of the expired film to share what they got out of them.  The slideshow above shows all the photographs in the group. It’s better if you view it through this link and make it full screen.

Looking through the photos today I was struck by the global appeal of a camera and of taking pictures.  An obvious thing to remark but remarkable all the same.  Like mine most of the pictures in the pool are everday snapshots. In being just that they created for me a sense of something I shared in. I guess that was the Kodak moment.