for a limited period only

for a limited period onlyfor a limited period only, originally uploaded by monaxle.

I’m drawn to transient scenes and objects. This is one such scene.

The flyover in the background is soon to be demolished. It’s only been visible from this vantage point for a week or so. There used to be a theatre in the foreground. It’s just been demolished after standing in this spot since 1899.

If you click on this link you can see how it looked about a month or so before I took these pictures (until Google updates the map picture).

Not sure what will be built on the site though it’s only a matter of time before something is put up where the theatre used to stand. The road is going to be a temporary bus route. So on the count of transient things that’s doing pretty well I reckon.

A good few pictures here of the interior of the theatre a little while before it’s final demise. Here’s a picture and another post on the theatre’s final curtain call.

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