Renewed my domain name with jumpline. A picture of a of jump seemed to fit. More of a run up a wall and back flip really.


Jubilee Gardens, London.  


I attended a photography seminar over the weekend. It was put on by Canon. It ran for about an hour and a half. The topics covered included using flash, critique of work, and using Canons processing application DPP. Following the seminar there was an opportunity to touch and try the range of Canon DSLRs and lenses whilst slurping coffee and munching biscuits (weather sealing really should come as standard).

I discovered more about using flash in 20 minutes than all that I knew before. I’m a big fan of using what natural light there is but maybe now will consider getting at least one speedlite flash and the means to fire it off camera.

A lot of value was placed on making pictures applying just the minimum post processing if any at all. Clearly this was because the value of having decent kit, including a good flash or two was being promoted. I was surprised then that they thought it worthwhile promoting DPP. I’d always considered it no more than bundled software to be ignored. They claimed that as Canon writes the image files there software is the best to read them (at least in the first instance). Though the logic of that seems irrefutable I wonder if it’s not just a bit redundant. I’m not about to switch anyhow and I can’t imagine DPP is the first choice for most Canon users who know of alternatives.

I took the pictures when passing a bit of time before the seminar. It was 15 minutes or so before dusk. I jumped up and stood on the wall being used for this street acrobatics to get a different perspective of the jump. I only had my 50mm 1.8 lens with me. Whilst I like the pictures they are not what I’d hope to have come away with. I needed a wider and faster lens.