The grass is growing beneath my feet.

Seven days after putting down grass seeds to grow a lawn and here is how things are looking – grass+7
You could be forgiven for thinking “so where is the grass”, and if you saw it last week it does not seem to have changed much.

Well I suppose from the picture above it does look that way and until yesterday I’d have agreed. This morning though I looked out at and hallelujah the grass had begun to sprout all over. Here’s a close up to prove the point –grass+7 close up

I am delighted and relieved in equal measures. Seeding rather than laying turf was a bit of a leap of faith. It said on the packet that in favorable conditions grass would begin to show in about 7-10 days. I had my doubts. The weather conditions have been OK but I would not have asserted them or the results of my preparation be be favorable. I certainly never expected the growth to be so punctual!

It also said on the packet that the seed was resistant to most birds. Something else I found a bit hard to believe. A friend of mine joked “How’s that then? Are the seeds the size of gold balls”. Still I went with it and true enough I only ever saw two pigeons on the mud in the last week.

All in all a good initial return on my first proper investment on the gardening front.