Home Grown

Home grown in Medway. Our lawn and two local artists. Our lawn first.

It’s now 21 days since the seed went down. Growth has slowed a bit from the amazing pace seen between 7 days to 14 days after seeding. The bald patches are now slowly getting covered and the rest is generally getting a bit thicker. I wish my hair would grow like that!

Here is how it’s looking today –
grass +21
To the untrained eye i.e. anyone who is not out there everyday like me checking on progress it probably looks no different from last week. I realise any more pictures now are perhaps superfluous to requirements. What the hell. I’ll stop next week at 28 days post seeding. I’m not planning on mowing the lawn until spring so perhaps one more then just before I do will be in order.

Next up is support for a new friend of mine, Phil Dillon who is putting some of his photographs on show at the Brook Theatre in Chatham. The show runs throughout November from the 2nd to the 3oth.

Phil Dillon

As likely as the second coming being on Wednesday week at noon and you happen to be reading this and in or around Chatham during November take some time out to pay the Brook Theatre a visit. The show is called 21st Century Cave Painting in Medway. You may well work out why it’s called that if you get there.

Finally on the home grown front is another local artist. This time of the literary kind. Maria McCarthy who is a Medway based poet. She and two others (who I do not know of) have a show on next Thursday in Gillingham (another of the Medway Towns for those that are not local).

Though I do not know Maria personally I have seen her reading her work and enjoyed it. The connection I have is that she is using a picture I took of her performing at the Brook Theatre during the Medway Fringe Festival in 2006, on the publicity poster for the event next week.

transitions Maria emailed me asking for permission to use the picture ages ago. I was made up that she wanted to use it and agreed of course. I asked that she attribute the picture to me and true enough the attribution is there on the poster. Tiny little letters that you can’t see on this reproduction but there my name is all the same. It doesn’t take much to make me happy (well that’s not true actually but it kind of flows)!