Bwian’s Krave Mix (Part 1) – 1994/5 Jungle producer for the preset by Brian Badonde

Deviating from the cycling posts to book mark my oldest boy’s growing recognition in D&B / Jungle circles. The boy’s doing good…

Krave is a FIFTEEN year old Jungle producer from Kent. I stumbled across his soundcloud last year and was astounded at the tunes he was making. You could easily pass them for genuine 1994/5 produced sounds. Obviously the golden era has heavily influenced and lent to his productions but what I was hearing was absolute fire.

Anyway, I tracked him down and got a load of his music with the aim of creating 2 mixes showcasing his excellent work. This is the first. (Brian Badonde May 2016)

Here’s an interview with the boy and Brian for Drum and Bass Arena | Jungle Music – Inspiration to the Masses. I’m loving it. So pleased for him. He’s on fire! Brings me right back to my raving days in the mid 90’s.