Street Paintings of Kurt Wenner

I saw this picture on the BBC Week in Pictures feature for the 19th – 25th July 2008. I had to see more and a quick search was well rewarded. The links below will take you to the street paintings of Kurt Wenner.

Press f11 to switch to full screen then follow the arrows from the first one you click on.

Ghetto | Times Square | Spirit of Water | Perseus | Babel | Giant | Dies Irae | Muses | Cocito | Reflections | Sky Woman | Wild Rodeo | Milagro | Office Stress | Gluttony | Crawfish Festival | The Tempest | Echo & Narcissus |Theater | Danae | Neptune | Apollo | Aida | Acteon | Last Judgement | Mermaids | Zoroaster | St. Anthony | Triumph of Puck | Ceres’ Banquet

Awesome is possibly one of the most overused and misused words there is but in this case it fits perfectly.