Air Guitar

Air Guitar, originally uploaded by sweet fanny adams.

A picture of son no.3 rockin’ out at Riverside Live 2008 at The Command House in Chatham. The picture was taken by my friend Lisa aka sweet fanny adams.

He loves music. On this day we arrived at about 3pm and never left until nearly 8.30pm. For all of this time he was completely entertained by the bands performing.

The Riverside Live events have been great. We’ve been to a few throughout the summer. Shame the same can not be said for the operation of the Command House. Toilets that are always flooded yet don’t flush, a dearth of bar staff and long waits to be served even at relatively quiet times and to top it all an oversensitive and petty landlord.

I have been banned. Initially for a childish jape with ice I played at the bar and my attitude to being told off and asked to leave by said landlord.

Fair enough really even though someone in his position should and perhaps needs in my view to exercise a more proportional response to such antics.

I went back after a couple of days and offered an unreserved apology. This was accepted and the event was put down as water under the bridge, “…no hard feelings”. The offended party was not around so I spoke to his business partner who was involved in my removal and fully up to speed on the events of the day. He assured me that he would pass my apology on and thanked me for dropping by to make amends.

Proof in point is the photo above which was taken at another event following my banning and subsequent reconciliation. I was greeted warmly and even patted on the back on one occasion.

So what happened? I was in a local cafe with a couple of friends ordering breakfast a good few weeks after the “ice on the bar” carry on. We’d been out on an early morning photo stroll. I had my camera bag over my shoulder and as I all to frequently do accidentally knocked it against someone. Not so hard that it amounted to anything more than an accidental knock but enough for me to say sorry and quip “… me and my camera bag, I’m forever doing that”. A self effacing comment.

I thought no more of it as it was an instantly forgettable non event. That was until speaking to one of the friends I was with at the time a few days later. He’d had an unrelated conversation with the business partner of the landlord (the one that had given me a pardon). He’d been given a message to pass to me that I was no longer welcome at the establishment.

My misdemeanor? It turned out that the guy I knocked into in the cafe was the oversensitive landlord. I never recognised him but clearly he recognised me. Apparently he perceived the *incident* in the cafe to be something of a piss take by me and for that reason he no longer wanted me in his pub!

Amazing! Banned from a pub as a result of a non incident that did not even occur anywhere near the pub itself. I will not be trying to make amends on this occasion. Jaz is a lousy landlord and can go fuck himself.

Me being me I won’t be beat. Though the last Riverside Live event has taken place for this year they may be on again in 2009. As the events are held outside close to the Riverside I shall still be able to go along and enjoy the music from the public path that runs adjacent to the boundary of the pubs outside area. I shall bring along some cans with me and make my self comfortable by the riverside wall. I’m not sure how they might handle my boys running around and playing as they are bound to encroach the area I am now prohibited from entering. Whatever happens I’ll enjoy the music and taking pictures of events as they unfold.